The little things…

Over the past year, we’ve lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. We’ve visited dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites, climbed the world’s most iconic mountain range, lazed around on pristine beaches, witnessed unforgettable sunsets, and explored ancient temples. These experiences are easy to share with our family, friends and readers. These… Read More The little things…

Top 3 Questions We’re Asked About Our Year Traveling Asia

The Philippines is a bit of a mystery. Being somewhat removed from the rest of Southeast Asia, this beautiful country rarely lands on the itinerary of the typical backpacker. And for good reason: the roughly 7,000 islands are difficult and relatively expensive to navigate as ferries are virtually nonexistent. Despite this, the Philippines enjoys a […]

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Foodie Column: Tasty Tibetan Thenthuk

In the wake of Chinese incorporation of Tibet in 1950, and a subsequent rebellion in 1959, a large population of Tibetan refugees, The Dalai Lama included, fled from their homes and settled in the mountain regions of Nepal and India. Now, 60 years later, the culture of most of the high alpine regions of the Himalayas still has a significant cultural influence… Read More Foodie Column: Tasty Tibetan Thenthuk