Our Trip

Follow us along our journey as we travel around Southeast Asia for a year, starting in September 2015.

Why now?
Why not?! An ancient Chinese Proverb states “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Since 20 years ago we were still too occupied with playground politics to think about travel, we figured we better start today. Craig just finished grad school, and Chrissy just couldn’t bear her wanderlust any longer.

Why Southeast Asia?
It’s cheap, and the last few years of grad school have wreaked havoc on poor Craig’s wallet. Also the beaches, mountains, jungles and food!!!

What countries are you traveling to?
No idea. We have a one-way ticket to Bali, Indonesia, but beyond that we will follow the wind. No itinerary, no plans.

How can you afford to travel for a year?
Top Ramen. Ha, no actually it’s not that expensive if you travel light and smart. We’re taking only a backpack, staying mostly in hostels and homestays, and traveling in an area that is relatively cheap. We’re budgeting less than $35 a day.

Why did you start a blog?
To stay sharp and connected and hopefully to inspire others to embrace the value of travel with us. We also wanted to make the blog a personal project of ours; providing us the opportunity to learn advanced HTML/CSS, become better writers, and understand how to create a following.

If you want detailed answers to any of these questions, follow our blog or send us a message.


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