What just happened?

I think I blinked and woke up about 6 months later…

Just yesterday I was sitting on a beach in Asia slurping contentedly on a bucket of Mojito, and now I’m sitting in a half-furnished apartment in Austin with my half-hearted signature on the lease.

Alas, it’s true; We woke up to reality slapping us in the face. India hit us like a ton of bricks,  and I’m not sure we’ve recovered yet. So let’s take a minute to retrace our steps.

Where was I? Right, India. Needless to say, India kicked our butts. From 120° heat in Rajasthan, to the ever confusing Indian head-bobble, we never really got a break in India, and that’s probably why the blogging tooted out. I’m not saying it was the most enjoyable three months of our lives, but it was certainly the most challenging and the most memorable.

After three months, a dozen lost pounds, and a few screws loose, we made it safely out of India, to the relative calm of Myanmar. With only about a month of Asia travel left, the remaining time proved to be a whirlwind. Mandalay>Bagan>Yangon>Yeh>Hpa An>Bangkok>Chiang Mai>Koh Phangan>Bangkok>Siem Reap>Bangkok>Munich; Just trying to pack in as much as possible, and in a blink we were setting foot in the USA again for the first time in over a year.

And it didn’t stop there. Then there was a month traveling in California, then Texas, then Colorado, then California again, then back to Texas! Now we have an apartment! And jobs! And we’re shopping for puppies! What the hell happened?! Where’s the grand finale?! Where’s the life changing resolution?!

Long story short, we’re getting to it. We’re starting to get our bearings again, and soon we plan to reflect on this momentous year with a few special posts. Here are the loose ends we plan to tie up in the coming months:

  • Final thoughts: What this year meant to us and the value we think people can cultivate through travel.
  • The top three questions we’re asked.
  • The little things: Documenting those little subtleties of each place we visited that made them unique.
  • Some words on India: This one will be tough.
  • ALL the budget breakdowns: These are destined to be the most empowering outcomes of the year. Think you can’t afford to travel? Think again.
  • Craig’s new project: Craig plans to satisfy his passion for regional and world food by continuing to seek out opportunities to cook with locals.

Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Closure…

  1. Can’t wait to see more. Was wondering when we would see and read some of the highlights, memories, life changing experiences etc…You have been lucky to have this last year plus and the memories that only you will feel for the rest of your lives. Congratulations for a safe and amazing 15 months. We missed you terribly but are happy you had the lifetime experience to remember. And now we get to seen you more often in the states. Welcome home you two! Love, love, love you!


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